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Identifying a ‘Hook’ to Your Story

Identifying a ‘Hook’ to Your Story

Posted by lukebuesnal in on 23 August, 2016

Journalists get plenty of media releases every day, it’s part of their job. However, it’s not part of their job to spend the day reading all of them and figuring out which is best to turn into a story. The media releases that are turned into a story all have one thing in common, a reason for reporting it and that’s the ‘hook’.

As a business without a public relations team, that’s where you come in. If you’re going to send a journalist a media release, make it worthy of being read. Make it appealing and stand out from the other bland media releases a journalist is struggling to delete.

Real Media Management Director Luke Buesnel teamed up with Tony Jones, Nine News, to explain what a media ‘hook’ is, why it appeals to journalists and how you can identify one in your business.

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