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About Us

About Us

Real Media Management (RMM) was created by journalists and media advisors to teach you how to confidently engage the media and keep your reputation intact.

As journalists we’ve seen credibility ruined with one question. As media advisors we’ve stopped this from happening. We will advise you on both.

We’ve worked across all media platforms: TV, radio, print and digital. And as media advisers with governments, politicians, corporate Australia, industry bodies and Not-for-Profits. RMM understands you from a journalistic and media advisory perspective. We excel at the game because we’ve played for both sides.

It’s given us expert knowledge of how journalists work and what you need to do to secure your reputation in the media.

We provide strategic media consultancy based on real world experience: what journalists mean when asking certain questions, how you should answer questions while remaining “human” and strategy employed by journalists.

Our media training environments (TV, radio, print and digital) are real and practical. Our expert coaching, insider tips and practice interviews ensure you’re confident and articulate when your moment arrives.

We work with you as if your reputation was on the line. We’ve seen it ruined firsthand and it’s not pretty.

You only get one chance. Secure your reputation with Real Media Management.