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Why use RMM?

You will understand that interviews are often impromptu with little time for preparation. Consultancy from RMM will provide you with expert coaching and strategy, detailed media knowledge, practice interviews and realistic environments to ensure you’re confident and articulate.

Who has RMM worked with?

Political and business organisations all seek media consultancy but most don’t like it known. RMM often enters into confidentiality agreements. We can confirm we have worked across Australia, Europe and Asia. RMM has consulted or trained Federal and Opposition Governments and politicians, Local Council and councillors, professional sporting leagues and widely throughout the business and not-for-profit sectors.

As a client what can I expect from RMM?

Real world journalism and media advisory experience. We understand the media industry and provide you with quality consultation that addresses your requirements and goals. This is not about us, we tailor all consultations to benefit you.

How does RMM work?

We come to you (although RMM does have a consultation space if needed).

Consultation: An initial consultation takes place to understand your requirements.

RMM devises a detail communications plan which addresses the expectations and requirements of a client. This communication plan will focus on content best placed to receive media attention, journalists to approach (and how), and the importance of building relationships within the media industry. This communication plan will become your property and if acted upon, will increase your chance of getting your brand, personnel, products or services in the media.

Media training: An initial consultation takes place to understand your requirements.

Lights, camera, action. This is a real world media interview environment. We use HD video cameras, sound equipment and lights to set the scene. You’ll be placed in front of a video camera and recorded interviews will take place – RMM’s trainer will talk a client through the correct and incorrect techniques for interviewing. Later, the footage along with further written briefing notes will be supplied to the client.

Presentation: An initial consultation takes place to understand your requirements.

The best way to learn about the media is to ask somebody from it, enter RMM. With more than 40 years combined journalism and media advisory experience we know the game. RMM provides you with a detailed media presentation. This will address the various forms of media (traditional vs new media), insights into the conduct of journalists, how to avoid making comment you don’t wish to, examples of interviews gone wrong and how to lead the interview in the direction you want.


In a small group setting RMM teaches you the vital skills needed to position yourself to the media. We focus on educating you about the media industry and how you can use it to your advantage. After completion of this workshop, you’ll have the confidence to reach-out to journalists, understand what appeals to them and what to avoid (and what to promote) when engaging in the media interview process.