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Media Workshop

Media Workshop

We get it, building credibility in the media is foreign to you. Where do you start – what’s your story and how do you sell it?

Think logically, the 24 hour news cycle has left journalists in desperate need of quality content to report. They’re looking but are you producing? It’s time to learn.

This Media Release Workshop will teach you the vital communication skills needed to position yourself above your rivals and gain media attention.

We’re going to teach you what most don’t know:

How to Correctly Write a Media Releaseshutterstock_122790514

How many media releases does a journalist receive per day? Who knows as nobody can count that high – they get heaps. By sheer volume most won’t be read. You need to stand out from the crowd, be different and original to attract a journalist.

A quality media release is a mixture of science and creativity. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of an appealing headline
  • How to ‘hook’ a journalist to keep them reading
  • What quotes sound best and where they should be placed
  • The structure (and explanation) of the inverted pyramid
  • Where and how to display your contact details
  • The benefits of a one-page media release

And because we want to see you in the media (positively), we’ll also tell you how to narrow the media market:

How to Identify a Journalist That Wants to Report Your Story

Much like media releases, media organisations and journalists are everywhere (despite many redundancies). That doesn’t mean all want to hear from you. Generic en masse media releases won’t cut it anymore. You have a target audience for your business, the same applies to your media (and journalists).

Throughout this Workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Narrow the market to maximise success
  • Identify journalists that can report your story
  • Contact a journalist correctly
  • Build a (continuing) relationship with journalists

After you attend our workshop, you’ll be savvy in the creation of your media releases and know which journalists to target. Stand out from the 100+ media releases being sent everyday with your newfound knowledge and skill. We’ll give you a competitive edge.

Added Bonus

You’ll take home our media release ‘cheat sheet’ on how to write media releases accurately and correctly. Apply this and you’re doing better than most.

Reality is, with increased understanding and practical knowledge of the correct process the “media beast” can be tamed.

Our Media Workshops are conducted in a small group setting. So, bring your business cards and network.

Can you put a price on keeping your media reputation intact? No, but for $199 per person this Media Workshop will keep you ahead of the game.