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Since the creation of the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) relations between the two countries have prospered. Thailand is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) second largest economy, it continues to grow stronger.

English Language media is vastly different to the government and military controlled Thai media. Knowledge of the Daily News, Thai TV3 and Radio Thailand does not correlate into an English language media market.

Your brand, services, personnel or products won’t sell themselves in Australia but media coverage will. When used correctly, the media is your best advertising tool. Used incorrectly, it will ruin your reputation.

Real Media Management has more than 40 years experience in Australian and international journalism and media advisory. We’ve seen foreign businesses fail and kill their ability to engage with Australian customers.

We have what you need: real world media experience and practical advice for your business or organisation.

Our media consultancy is focused on you so you can prosper in an international market.

We will teach you the confidence needed to:

  • Correctly and professionally engage with English language journalists
  • Lead the interview in the direction you want
  • Target your message to a foreign media market
  • Approach the right journalist to report your story
  • Build lasting relationships within Australian media

You will also gain:

  • Detailed knowledge of the Western media landscape (TV, radio, print and digital)
  • Insight into strategy used by journalists when interviewing/reporting

Thailand is an emerging economy and Thai business is extending into other markets. As a foreign business, understanding English language media is best achieved through RMM’s detailed strategy.

Don’t ruin your chance to be part of it. We can help you succeed in a new business market by offering quality media consultancy.

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